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Nourish | Dubai Winter Festival 2017


Located at Dar Al Wasl in Jumeirah, Nourish is more than just a restaurant; it’s a lifestyle movement, specialty coffee and juice bar, headed by South African Chef Julie Watson.

Opened in 2017, Nourish is the brainchild of two Emirati cousins, born and raised in this very community. Their vision for Nourish is to be the first holistic ‘healthy concept’, where the food tastes great.

Nourish prides itself on being transparent, hands on, educated and most of all passionate about what we serve.

 Such is the passion of the management behind Nourish, that every aspect of the food production – from sourcing and harvesting produce at reputable suppliers and local farms, to producing every condiment that will complete your meal – is done within the Nourish kitchen.

From fermenting mustards, tabasco and ketchup, to culturing vegetables, kneading our own unbleached, stone ground flour bread, and so much more; Nourish doesn’t do short cuts, it doesn’t do processed; WE DO REAL! #realfood

Nourish is also big on coffee.

Serving high quality single origin specialty coffees and cold brew. Working alongside farmers who maintain sustainable practices, building on generations of experience, and responding to new and ethical methods in coffee farming.

Nourish is about living a balanced life, respecting the produce, and educating the community about the variety of cooking methods, best suited to enhance all the natural benefits of our ingredients, which allows you to indulge without guilt. Nourish is where food, coffee and community come together.

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Dar Wasl Mall, shop 26 Al Wasl Road Dubai


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