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Since 1920, HARIBO has been a family business which is now run by the third generation. In 2010,HARIBO was given a new corporate structure to create the necessary conditions to ensure that it permanently remained a family-run international company, to promote continued growth and international expansion, as well as to safeguard the continued success of the group in the 21st century.
A grand total of 100 million GOLD BEARS are produced worldwide every day! Continuous brand management which ensures the highest quality control as well as consumer confidence are largely responsible for the success at our 15 manufacturing locations throughout Europe. Worldwide, HARIBO now employs almost 7,000 people.
“Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of HARIBO”. Who doesn’t know the world famous and familiar advertising slogan of our company? Yet, no matter how cheerful and light-hearted the advertising message may be, our slogan carries an absolute commitment and promise to our customers. A promise which HARIBO has always kept, come what may. It is not without reason that HARIBO sweets are hugely popular with consumers and have been so for many decades!
A product as well-loved and popular as HARIBO does make people curious though. Our PR and marketing departments are constantly receiving requests for ever-more information about the colourful world of HARIBO. Consumers, retailers, and journalists all want to know just how, why and when HARIBO got started, why the traditional company from Bonn has this name and no other, how the colourful and varied product
range of fruit gums, jellies, marshmallows and liquorice were developed and, last but not least, who it was who invented the legendary “Gold Bear” and how HARIBO eventually became what it is today: a globally successful company with legendary customer loyalty.
Generations have grown up with HARIBO sweets. Our top priority is to always meet the high quality standards and expectations of our consumers and that we at HARIBO continue to do this has been clearly proven by the numerous awards we keep on receiving.

With ingenious products, creative packaging and specific concepts, the success story continues. The great innovation strength of the brand is thriving in the 21st century,

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